About Us

Customer care is my number one focus. I base my repair recommendations to customers based upon my own personal guideline, “If this was my mother’s vehicle, would I do this repair?”

Customer service and satisfaction are major components of my business model. My customer’s know that when I recommend a belt or battery, they need the repair.

Over the course of my career, I have found that prevention is the answer to a customer’s loyalty and trust. As a shop owner, we protect the customer’s safety and the investment in their vehicle. I ensure that each vehicle is thoroughly inspected.

We are also the first “Ask Patty” organization in Wyoming. This is a program to designate our shop as “female friendly.” I believe that being able to communicate and provide service to my female customers will be a key factor now and in the future.

Through the years I have been in Cody, I have implemented several programs to market my business to both new and existing customers. I offer a Preferred Customer program that offers a 10% discount on repairs to customers who are loyal in allowing me to perform all service and maintenance on their vehicles. The NAPA Autocare program gives my customers confidence and access to promotional specials.

The motto of my shop, “Fastest Wrench in the West” surprises customers daily. My goal is if the part is available, we will repair the customer’s vehicle the same day. Cody is a tourist destination, which means we see many visitors whose once-in-a-lifetime vacation could be ruined by a breakdown.

Excellence is expected at my shop. My customers know that I keep current on technology and are confident in my ability to repair all makes and models. Audi, Chevrolet, Jaguar, Porsche, and Subaru, we repair them all.


Every Auto repair shop that offers great service will be certified and Technical Cowboy is no different. We are an ASE Blue Seal Certified repair facility, a NAPA Autocare facility, AAA approved, a member of the BBB, and a member of the Cody County Chamber of Commerce.

Charles Cloud, the Technical Cowboy, is one of the few “World Class” technicians nationwide. This title is only awarded to technicians that are Master Certified in auto, truck, body and hold both advanced diagnostic certifications. Charles has also been chosen as the NAPA Technician of the Year in Northern Wyoming for the last four years.